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Subject: HK hotel alternative

Tim has brought to my attention an alternative for those seeking
the lowest hotel rates for the UBL meeting in Hong Kong: Robert
Black College.  As he notes, it is cheap and within walking
distance of the meetings.  It also appears to provide internet
connections.  The web site is at


Regarding the Bishop Lei, Tim says:

   i have stayed at bishop lei it wasn't anything special (food
   was poor by HK standard).  i also recall it is a shuttle bus
   across the busiest part of town.

Dorris Tai of HKU provides the following further details:

   Robert Black is an older establishment (but clean) and located
   right on campus. However, at the time we looked into
   accommodation for the UBL members, Robert Black only has a
   limited number of rooms available for the May period and
   wouldn't block them for us. Please visit

I asked Dorris whether there was anything that might incline a
visitor to prefer one of the hotels off campus instead, and she

   Robert Black is about 5-minute walk to the meeting venue, but
   is not close to shops or restaurants (about 10-20 minutes taxi
   ride or 20-30 minutes bus ride) to downtown area. HKU is
   located on a mountain west of downtown.

   For the hotels, Island Pacific and Novotel (directly on the
   bottom of the mountain where HKU is) are about 5-10 minute taxi
   ride to the meeting venue or to downtown area (or about
   20-minute walk to downtown). Bishop Lei (east of HKU and
   directly above downtown) is about 5-minute taxi ride to the
   meeting venue or to downtown area (or about 10-minute walk to
   downtown). As many HKU visitors in the past have stayed in
   Bishop Lei, Island Pacific and Novotel, those hotels could
   offer those discounted room rates.

Personally, I think I'd prefer to stay close to downtown, so I
think I'll stick with the Bishop Lei.

Here's where we appear to be staying based on what people have
told me:

   Robert Black: Tim McGrath
   Bishop Lei: Jon Bosak, Mavis Cournane
   Renaissance Harbour View: Mark Crawford, Stig Korsgaard
   Island Pacific: Ken Holman, Yukinori Saito, Stephen Green
   Novitel: Paul Thorpe


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