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Subject: Internet connectivity in Hong Kong

UBL TC members who are attending the meeting in Hong Kong will be
interested in the following information from our hosts.

Note that there are about 7.8 HK dollars to the US dollar.


From: "Dorris Tai" <cwtai@cecid.hku.hk>
To: "Jon Bosak" <Jon.Bosak@eng.sun.com>
Subject: Internet Facilities at Island Pacific & Bishop Lei
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 17:41:13 +0800

Dear Jon,

Island Pacific and Bishop Lei have provided us with the following info
regarding Internet facilities:

Bishop Lei:
> All our rooms are equipped with broadband facilities. Guests only
need to ask our
> Reception to activate the service with service plan as below:

> a)  HK$30.00 per 1 session (30minutes)
> b) HK$100.00 per day (24 hours)

Island Pacific Hotel:
> 1. In-room wireless access, the values of the card as stated below:

> HKD$20 for 1 hour
> HKD$40 for 3 hours
> HKD$120 for 24 consecutive hours
> HKD$300 for 7 consecutive days
> HKD$500 for 30 consecutive days

> 2. In-room telephone dial-up access, we can provide telephone
connector to
> guest. The values of the card as stated below:

> HKD$100 for 100 minutes
> HKD$200 for 500 minutes

> 3. Broadband Internet access service at the Business Centre,
operation hours
> from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm

> HKD$30 per person for 30 minutes
> HKD$98 per person for one day use, plus whole day Coffee, Tea and


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