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Subject: HK meeting rooms

Hello UBL members,

We will be meeting tomorrow morning (Monday 10 May) in Council
Chamber Room 801.  See previous messages for maps of the location.

Here is some other information regarding meeting logistics:

 - Breakout rooms are located on the 3rd floor (Rooms 322, 324 and
   325) in the same building as the main (and largest) meeting
   room (Council Chamber Room 801).

 - 2 CECID admin staff will be stationed at the Council Chamber
   reception area to answer enquiries and provide admin support
   such as photocopying from Monday to Thursday (all day).

 - Monday welcome lunch at noon will be a buffet served in the
   lounge by the Council Chamber.

 - Canned drinks (coffee, pop, and water) will be provided in the
   lounge by the Council Chamber where we can access them any time
   (Monday to Friday).  For hot coffee, we will have to go to the

 - The cafeteria is located in another building about five minutes
   from the meeting rooms.  This is where we will get coffee and
   have lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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