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Subject: free UBL Reader

here again the downloadlink

in order to faciitate any download by TC members, please use the following
Name:      	    UBL Reader - Free Of Charge
License:	    FX-271103-20003-1620
License Key:    H1K16-R1111-K6KBL-U5

The download procedure will ask you for name etc. We would appreciate, if
you enter in the department (or anyother)field "Key Michael". This avoids
that you will get a further email with another key and this avoids
additional work for us.

Please NOTE: The UBL Reader setup will ask where to store a) program files
and b) data. If there were already any EF50 version on your PC, please make
sure that you enter a different physical directory for a).

Have a good and succesfull week

Also seldom, but may happen: If you are connected with a LAN and another
user of the same LAN uses the UBL Reader alredy then you have to be
separated from the LAN in order to start the UBL Reader.

<<attachment: winmail.dat>>

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