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Subject: Thoughts on Customization

Dear all
in your joint technical track, we did some brainstorming about what we need 
for the next release of UBL.
This is what we have distilled out of that conversation.

We need three things:

- Harmonization Guidelines
- How UBL implements CCTS
- Customization Guidelines

Harmonization Guidelines

Additions and changes to the models, schemas and library and the mechanism and format for
submitting these to UBL is part of the UBL Harmonization Guidelines. 
At a minimum these must be aligned to TBG17 and will include the
application of context to the BIEs based on the CCTS.

How UBL implements CCTS

We need a document that provides guidelines on the UBL perspective on 
implementing CCTS (CCUG from a UBL understanding).

Customization Guidelines

The Customization Guidelines should outline what a UBL user can do from a schema
perspective in order to derive a UBL conformant schema.

The current Customization Guidelines need to address the application of context 
and the context assembly language.
This should be done with reference to the use cases and will include the
application of context based on the CCTS.

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