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Subject: Hong Kong Tuesday morning plenary reports

Hello UBL TC,

Slides for the UBL TC plenary Tuesday morning 11 May have been
uploaded to


The TC heard two extremely interesting presentations that morning,
one from Jason Lee, co-chair of the UBL Korean Localization
Subcommittee, regarding ebXML/UBL developments in Korea, and one
from Patrick Yee, co-chair of the UBL Chinese Localization
Subcommittee, regarding ebXML/UBL R&D efforts at the Hong Kong
University Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development
(CECID), our hosts for the meeting.  These presentations are
located at


Please be aware that your Chair will be taking vacation the week
of May 17-21 and unable to respond to email.  The week of May
24-28 I will be traveling and therefore responding to only the
most urgent messages.  It will take me some time to collect and
report the scheduling information arising from the Wednesday and
Friday Hong Kong plenaries, but you should know that as a group we
will be dormant for the next two weeks and will meet again by
phone 8 a.m. San Francisco time Wednesday June 2 at the usual
number to begin a new series of weekly TC meetings.  More about
this later.


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