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Subject: TC reorganization proposals coming

Hello UBL TC,

On 20 May, I sent you the following message (archived as

| Hello UBL TC,
| Slides for the UBL TC plenaries in Hong Kong Wednesday-Friday
| 12-14 May 2004 have been uploaded to the Documents/Meeting Notes
| section of the TC site.  Files added to the archive include the
| following:
|    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/6844/plen-rpt-20040512.pdf
|    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/6845/chair-opinion-20040513.pdf
|    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/6846/plen-rpt-20040513.pdf
|    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/6847/techtrack-rpt-20040514.ppt
|    http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/6848/plen-rpt-20040514.pdf
| Note that the plenary reports for 20040512 and 20040514 contain
| proposed schedules, work plans, and a reorganization plan for the
| UBL subcommittees.  Please review these carefully and post
| comments, if any, to the TC list.  I will be submitting these
| plans to you for approval by email next week.
| Jon

The proposals outlined in the reports of 20040512 and 20040514
referenced above represent the consensus of the UBL TC members
meeting in Hong Kong.  Since we were operating not as a quorate TC
but rather (according to our standing rules) as a committee of the
whole, I must present them to you by mail for approval.  Having
received no comments in response to the request for review given
above, I am assuming that you have no objection to these plans and
will now present them to you formally in four separate messages
to follow this one.

The first message will be labeled "Localization plan and UBL 1.1
scheduling."  In it I will simply ask you to approve the plans put
forward in slides 3-11 of the Wednesday plenary report
(plen-rpt-20040512.pdf) referenced above, with one addition: that
the Spanish Localization SC is committed to the same projected
schedule as the Asian localization subcommittees mentioned in the

The second message will be labeled "Reorganization plan for UBL
liaisons."  This will ask for your approval of the plan set forth
in slide 5 of the Friday plenary report (plen-rpt-20040514.pdf)
referenced above.

The third message will be labeled "Reorganization plan for UBL
subcommittees."  This will ask for your approval of the plan set
forth in slide 6 of the Friday plenary report, with the additional
information that Stephen Green has agreed to co-chair the proposed
new UBL Software Subcommittee.

The fourth message will be labeled "Plan for weekly UBL TC calls."
This will ask for your approval of the plan set forth in slide 7
of the Friday plenary report.

I believe that these proposals will enable the TC to function as
an effective decision-making body during the next few months as we
focus on UBL 1.0 deployment and translation.  As I indicated in
Hong Kong, I am quite willing to revisit these plans at our August
meeting in Copenhagen and fine-tune them in light of our
experience during June and July, so your assent at this time is
basically your agreement to try out the structures we came up with
in Hong Kong for a couple of months and see how they work.

Since we have already reviewed these plans twice (once with the
members gathered in Hong Kong and once via last week's reports),
you need take no action on these proposals unless you now find
something seriously wrong with them.  If you do wish to lodge an
objection, please do it in reply to the appropriate specific
proposal that follows and not to this cover message.


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