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Subject: JPLSC's translation of UBL business documents

Dear UBL members,

JPLSC has finished to develop the first phase translation of UBL
The first phase translation is UBL Business Documents. The attached
documents are the JPLSC's draft.
The format of the translation spreadsheet is based on the conclusion of UBL
TC Hong Kong Meeting. But, we add the following two columns in the
(1) Representation Term
We thought that the Representation Term is important for UBL users to
understand BIEs of UBL Business Documents.
(2) Examples
We thought that the Examples are very useful for UBL users to understand
BIEs of UBL Business Documents. We add the 'Example' column in Reusable
only. Because, the business documents (from Order to Invoice) have no values
in Example column.

We summarized principles and methodologies of Japanese translation. The
attached document 'Principles and Methodologies of Japanese Translation of
UBL Business Documents' explains the principles and methodologies at our
JPLSC translation working. But this document is written in Japanese
language. Because, this document explains Japanese Business Terms.

If you have any questions and comments, please let us know.

Dear Jon Bosak,
If it is OK, please publish these documents to ubl-dev and ebxml-dev, as UBL
TC decided earlier.
The persons to receive comments are following two persons.
Noboru Itoh (JPLSC Chair)
Yukinori Saito (JPLSC Vice Chair)

Best Regards,
Yukinori Saito
Yukinori Saito
Fuji Electric Information Service Co., Ltd. (FIS)
e-mail: saito-yukinori@fujielectric.co.jp
Tel: +81-3-5435-7333     Fax: +81-3-5435-7513










Principles and Methodologies of UBL Business Documens Japanese Translation.doc

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