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Subject: XPath information for UBL 1.0 cd2

Hello all!

Here are the XPath files for 1.0cd2 generated from the schemas distributed 
by Stephen today:


Unexpected time constraints prevent me from working on the formatting specs 
tonight ... I hope to do this tomorrow night ... but in the mean time I was 
able to create the XPath files and some may wish to review these to make 
sure nothing jumps out as being incorrect.

For those who are new, these XPath files enumerate every possible XPath 1.0 
address possible as described by the schemas (unless, of course, there is a 
problem with my stylesheets!).  For any element in any non-recursive path 
position you can think of in UBL there should be a complete XPath address 
from the root enumerated in these documents.

Note that the HTML files are large enough to crash many systems with 
limited memory ... you may wish to review the text version.  The XML 
versions are useful for validating stylesheets that do not, themselves, do 
validation of the input XML (such as XSLT 1.0).

These XPath 1.0 addresses are the basis for the formatting specifications, 
as they are technology-agnostic with respect to the formatting technology, 
tools, or software used.  They are solely based on the XML of UBL documents.

I'll see what I can accomplish tomorrow evening.  Sorry for the delay.

........................ Ken

At 2004-08-17 15:42 +0200, stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk wrote:
>Here are the latest draft Schemas generated
>for UBL 1.0 cd2 here in Copenhagen.
>Please also find attached the sample instances
>corresponding to this draft.
>Please note, for those involved in actions
>dependant on these, that we believe these to
>be final for cd2
>Many thanks to all involved

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