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Subject: Approval of Candidate Committee Draft

Title: LMI Research Institute Stationery
First  let me apologize for including the attachment to this email rather than placing on the TC website.  I am in dialup mode at Nags Head, NC and have extremely limited access.
Having said that, let me explain what is happening here.  During the closing plenary in Copenhagen last week, we agreed to submit the finalised UBL NDR document from the NDR subcommittee as a candidate UBL committee draft by today.  We also agreed that we would follow previous TC practice as allowed for under our guiding documentation, to consider this submission to the TC as a formal request for approval.  In keeping with that same TC practice, if you have any substantive technical objections to this document becoming a UBL TC Committee Draft, you have five days from today to submit your detailed objection.  The lack of an objection will be considered approval.  Once the document becomes a UBL TC Committee Draft, it will be submitted to the OASIS Board for consideration as an OASIS standard.
Mark R. Crawford
Senior Research Fellow - LMI XML Lead
W3C Advisory Committee, OASIS, RosettaNet Representative
Vice Chair - OASIS UBL TC & Chair Naming and Design Rules Subcommittee
Chair - UN/CEFACT XML Syntax Working Group
Editor - UN/CEFACT Core Components

LMI Government Consulting
2000 Corporate Ridge
McLean, VA 22102-7805
703.917.7177 Phone
703.655.4810 Wireless
The opportunity to make a difference has never been greater.


wd-ublndrsc-ndrdoc-V1pt0 Committee Draft Candidate.pdf

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