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Subject: XPath files for latest UBL 1.0 CD distribution (CD2)

Hello all!

I've just confirmed that the XPath files posted earlier:


are unchanged for the latest release of UBL 1.0 announced this week:


So the following links from that earlier post represent valid XPath files 
for UBL 1.0:


This also happens to be a confirmation that no content structure changes 
were introduced into the schema files between the two periods of time.

The namespace prefixes adopted for documentary purposes in these files can 
now be interpreted as follows (note that there is no obligation to use 
these prefixes in UBL documents):


These XPath 1.0 reports are based solely on XML 1.0 and are agnostic of any 
XML-related technology for transformation or processing.

Remember that these XPath files are enumerations of every possible element 
and every possible attribute of all eight document types in UBL 1.0.  The 
HTML and Text reports are useful documentation artifacts when succinctly 
but unambiguously referencing elements and their attributes in a document 
model.  It was with these files that FPSC/HISC was able to visually specify 
the element/attribute content of layout forms in a prescriptive manner.

The XML files are not useful as validated UBL examples because their forced 
completeness could never be validated by the models.  However, many 
XML-based technologies rely solely on well-formedness and not on validity, 
such as XSLT 1.0, so these XML XPath files can actually be run through XSLT 
1.0 stylesheets without error.  It was with these files that Crane 
Softwrights Ltd. was able to confirm their XSLT 1.0 stylesheet library 
accurately captured the prescribed fields in the appropriate boxes without 
having to create or find validated source instances.

Please direct any questions to HISC or, off-line, to myself.


........................ Ken


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