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Subject: Forming the NDR Review Team

Hello UBL TC,

In today's Atlantic UBL TC call, we decided to propose the
formation of an ad hoc team to review and dispose of comments
received on the NDR CD during the review period ending 17 October.
Participants would include Mavis Cournane (lead), Mark Crawford
(NDR editor), and Mike Grimley, plus any other UBL TC members
wishing to participate.  It is expected that the team will do most
of its work during the upcoming TC f2f in Santa Clara, presumably
with the help of other members present at the meeting, but it will
also need to prepare a spreadsheet of comments at the close of the
comment period 17 October and to request further input from TC
members in advance of the meeting.  It may also need to persist
after the Santa Clara meeting if it cannot dispose of all the
comments that week, but hopefully this will not be necessary.

As usual with our ad hoc teams, scheduling of phone calls is at
the discretion of the members, and email discussion can take place
off the TC lists.  However, as with all ad hoc teams, a report to
the TC will be included on the standing agenda of our weekly TC

If you have no objection to the formation of this team, do
nothing.  If you do have an objection, please express it via mail
to this list no later than COB Wednesday 13 October 2004.

Jon Bosak

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