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Subject: ACTION NEEDED: Vote to request UBL approval

Hello UBL TC,

In the ballot just completed last night, UBL 1.0 achieved
overwhelming approval from the OASIS member organizations, passing
by a vote of 121 to 2.

Because 2 negative votes were recorded, however, your immediate
action is needed to advance UBL 1.0 to OASIS standardization in
time to announce it as scheduled next week.  As stated in a
message earlier today from Karl Best of OASIS:

   The ballot for approval of UBL as an OASIS Standard has
   closed. The ballot received a sufficient number of affirmative
   votes to meet the minimum of 15% required for approval, but
   there were also negative votes.

   The TC now has 30 days to decide how to adress the negative
   votes; see the TC Process at


The comments received on the UBL 1.0 ballot are contained in the
zip file attached below.  We very much appreciate this input,
which will be taken into account in the development of UBL 1.1.

The two negative comments received during UBL 1.0 balloting
represent disagreements over certain aspects of schema
implementation that received extensive discussion during the UBL
1.0 development process; they contain no information that would
cause us to reconsider the decisions arrived at as a result of
that discussion.  Since these comments in no way invalidate the
technical accuracy of the candidate specification, the members
present in today's UBL TC plenary in Santa Clara recommend that we
adopt the first of the three options available to us under the
OASIS process and request the OASIS TC Administration to approve
the UBL 1.0 specification as submitted despite the two negative

In order to maintain a tightly planned schedule that will allow
announcement of UBL 1.0 as an OASIS Standard on Monday 8 November,
I have put this question to you through the OASIS web interface in
the hope that we can achieve votes to approve from an absolute
majority of the TC membership as soon as possible.  Please go to
the UBL TC web page at your earliest opportunity and access the
"Ballots" tab to cast your vote.

Jon Bosak


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