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Subject: Re: Possible subcommittee reorganization

Hello UBL TC,

The TC group meeting in Santa Clara this week decided not to
recommend the creation of new subcommittees or any other major
changes to our current structure.  We did come up with some
suggestions for how to run our weekly TC meetings, which I will
detail when I send out minutes next week.

Note that (as usual following face-to-face meetings) there are no
TC calls next week.  We will resume our regular schedule the week
after with an Atlantic call 17 November and a Pacific call 18
November.  We will be using the times stated in the earlier
message under this subject heading, which I will repeat here:

   Atlantic TC calls take place in the usual slot, shifted one
   hour to 16h00-18h00 UTC/GMT for the winter in order to maintain
   08h00-10h00 in San Francisco and 16h00-18h00 in London.

   Pacific TC calls take place in the usual slot, 00h30-02h30
   UTC/GMT, which in the winter will be 16h30-18h30 in San
   Francisco while staying at 08h30-10h30 in Singapore, Hong Kong,
   Perth, and Beijing and 09h30-11h30 in Tokyo and Seoul.


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