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Subject: New UBL participants

Hello UBL TC,

I'd like to introduce three new members who joined the UBL TC
following the XML 2004 conference last week.

   Betty Harvey is an independent consultant who has been in XML
   and SGML since before I got into markup languages.  Betty has
   volunteered to take primary responsibility for EDIFIX in UBL

   Ken Sall works for GSA but is participating as an individual
   member.  He submitted some of the comments we got during the
   last NDR review and will be joining the NDR and Code List
   teams.  He will also back up Betty on EDIFIX.  This working
   relationship should benefit from the fact that both Ken and
   Betty are located in the D.C. area.  They will be joining the
   SSC in order to provide EF support.

   Mark Johnson is with Debian and Red Hat.  He will be
   participating in the SSC with particular interests in interops
   and documentation.

Please welcome Betty, Ken, and Mark to the ranks of active UBL


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