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Subject: Minutes UBL TC Atlantic Call November 24 2004

Dear all
please find attached the minutes of this week's Atlantic Call.

1. Welcome and roll-call by Mavis, the Moderator

Paul Thorpe
Ken Sall
Sylvia Webb
Mavis Cournane
Marty Burns
Betty Harvey
Tony Coates
Mike Grimely
Anne Hendry
Marion Royal

2. Calendar Review
No new items added
3. Liaison reports
4. Subcommittee/team reports
HISC - none

Code Lists
Marty Burns reported that he is going through Tony Coates requirements 
and integrating them with the ones we have already. Within the next few 
weeks this should be available and will be sent out to the list for 
Ken Sall expressed interest in assisting with the review of these 
requirements as he has projects that have CL requirements.
Tony Coates questioned whether there may be a requirement to have a 
separate Code List TC as he did not feel that UBl was the obvious home 
for Code Lists.
Marty Burns believed that this would be too much overhead.
Mavis Cournane stated that for 1.1 she saw the code list discussion 
staying where it is.
Anne Hendry asked Tony if he had read the code list requirements for 
the registry provided by Farouk.
Both Tony and Marty will look at these requirements and integrate them 
into the final Code List requirements document.

SSC issues list.
Sylvia Webb reported that the SSC had decided to split their issues 
list out in to 2 categroies.
1. What is needed for alignment
2. what is needed post 1.1
David will run a test based on the versions of EF he has now against 
the current spreadsheet and schemas to see what the differences are. 
The results of this will be used to compile the list of alignment 
issues that will need to be focussed on for the next UBL release. This 
will be available for discussion on next week's call.

It was thus decided to adjourn this week's call and await the new 
alignment issues list for discussion next week.

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