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Subject: Issue with Naming and Design Derivation Import Rule VER8



Firstly, apologies that I omitted the 1.1(prototype) CAC and 
CBC imports from my Document Schema in my previous
example / prototype. 

Further prototyping shows up a possible problem with
the strict interpretation of VER8 in that, with the Document
Schemas importing may break instance backwards 
compatibility. (Please find attached another prototype
for illustration - with and without imports of the Doc Schema.
These concentrate on a single new BBIE added to the document
and omit changes to CACs, for simplicity.)

In short a 1.0 instance doesn't need a prefix for the 
BBIEs like Invoice/ID but importing the 1.0 document Schema into
a 1.1 document Schema forces the need for such a prefix.
I'd suggest that VER8 be amended for 1.1 to allow Document
Schemas to just have all the 1.0 content copied in, along
with the alternative 1.1 Types. I have an example of this in
the attached along with valid instance examples

Other notes: 
1. We need new prefixes for 1.1 CAC and CBC Schemas.
(my examples would use cac11 and cbc11)
2. We need a naming rule for 1.1 versions of the (amended) Types
(my examples use Invoice11Type because I just couldn't think of 
anything better)
3. We may need a further instance rule to point out the need
for xsi:type="Invoice11Type".

I'll try to be at the meeting today but I have contractual
committment clashes so I may be short on time.

All the best


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