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Subject: Daylight time switch

Hello UBL TC,

It's time once again to make our annual spring clock adjustment.
In keeping with established practice, our meeting times will
change as follows:

 - The Pacific call will stay at 00h30-02h30 UTC/GMT Tuesday, but
   due to the change to daylight time, the clock time for callers
   in the U.S. will appear to shift forward one hour (to start at
   17h30 Monday in San Francisco and 20h30 Monday in Washington).
   The starting local time will remain at 08h30 Tuesday in Hong
   Kong, Singapore, Perth, and Beijing and at 09h30 Tuesday in
   Seoul and Tokyo.  The starting time will shift *back* one hour
   from 11h30 to 10h30 Tuesday in Sydney; the reason is left as an
   exercise for the reader.

 - The Atlantic call, on the other hand, will move back one hour to
   run from 15h00-17h00 UTC/GMT instead of 16h00-18h00 UTC/GMT so
   that the local (now daylight) times in North America and most
   parts of Europe appear to stay the same as they were during the
   winter (08h00-10h00 in San Francisco, 11h00-13h00 in
   Washington, and 16h00-18h00 in London).

These changes will be reflected in the agendas for next week's


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