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Subject: Hangzhou invitation and logistics

Hello UBL TC,

Attached is the invitation letter and logistical information for
the UBL TC meeting 9-13 May 2005 in Hangzhou, China.  A
preliminary agenda will follow separately.  The invitation letter
will be necessary in obtaining a visa, so be sure to take a hard
copy with you.

I have been assured by a friend who travels frequently in Asia
that Hangzhou is a cultural jewel and absolutely not to be missed.
This makes me sadder than ever that I will not be able to join you
for this meeting, but I urge any of you who were not planning to
attend but still have some travel budget left to seriously
consider reordering your priorities to take advantage of this rare
cultural opportunity, which is of course also a unique opportunity
to establish contacts at a fairly high level within standards
organizations in China.  Your contact for registration or further
information is Wenfeng SUN of the China National Institute of
Standardization, <sunwf@cnis.gov.cn>.

Jon Bosak



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