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Subject: Special meeting to discuss NDR VER8 and VER9

Hello UBL TC,

Per the discussion of VER8 and VER9 in today's Atlantic TC call, I
am trying to set up a meeting with Eduardo and Arofan so that they
can understand the concerns raised on these points and explain the
thinking of the CMSC in developing this approach.  It looks like
the best time for a meeting will be 8-10 a.m. San Francisco time
Friday 8 April (that is, our usual Atlantic call time, but on
Friday).  Please reply to me off the list if you can attend this
call.  We will need Stephen Green at a minimum, but it would be
best to have as complete a representation from NDR and SSC as
possible.  If you cannot make that time (chosen to suit our
European members) but could attend a call after noon SF time
Friday, please let me know that so that we can consider an
afternoon slot as a fallback.


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