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Subject: Setting the agenda for Hangzhou

At our February TC meeting in McLean, we set out a schedule for
2005 that included the following:

   01 May 2005 Comments close on the Multilingual Data Dictonary
               (MLDD) for UBL 1.0, including possible (but not
               likely) suggested modifications to the English data
               definitions; this must be properly collated for
               work in Hangzhou

   09 May 2005 All-week UBL TC meeting in Hangzhou hosted by the
               Chinese National Institute of Standards: work on
               content additions to UBL 1.1; review NDR 1.1 and CL
               1.1; last MLDD 1.0 changes; consideration of
               possible suggested changes to the English 1.1

We're a little behind with the data dictionary review (that will
start this week), but I still think that we can have some results
in by the meeting in Hangzhou.  Given the participants, it's clear
that the focus should be on localization and content work, so I
think that the basic outline we had in February still stands, and
given that the meeting will be chaired by the leader of our
content team, I think it would be very useful to gain input from
our Asian participants and Chinese guests regarding that work as
well.  This being the case, I would list the topics to be covered
in Hangzhou as follows:

 - Reports on UBL progress in Asia

 - Review of comments received regarding the UBL 1.0 International
   Data Dictionary (IDD) CD

 - Changes to the 1.0 IDD translations based on comments received

 - Suggestions for clarification of the 1.0 English data
   definitions based on experience in translation, such changes to
   be incorporated in UBL 1.1

 - Other localization topics (including, for example, a discussion
   of the different approaches to the scope of 1.0 translation
   undertaken by the different LSCs, lessons learned, plans for
   the future, suggestions for the next version, etc.)

 - Regional content additions to UBL 1.1

 - Content work: Expanded process model; additions from Europe,
   Singapore, and the OASIS Tax XML TC (in other words, a session
   of the content work team that allows input from Asian
   participants and Chinese guests)

Let's discuss this proposed list of agenda items in tomorrow's
Pacific TC call.


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