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Subject: Revised agenda for Hangzhou

I have revised the proposed agenda for the TC meeting in Hangzhou
to incorporate additions from this week's Pacific TC call.  It was
decided there that the Hangzhou chair, Tim McGrath, will create
the detailed schedule for the meeting.



Proposed agenda items for Hangzhou

 - CNLSC report

 - JPLSC report

    - JPLSC activities

    - ECALGA/UBL mapping study

 - KRLSC report

 - UBL deployment strategies for LSCs

 - Other localization topics (including, for example, a discussion
   of the different approaches to the scope of 1.0 translation
   undertaken by the different LSCs, lessons learned, plans for
   the future, suggestions for the next version, etc.)

 - Review of comments received regarding the UBL 1.0 International
   Data Dictionary (IDD) CD

 - Changes to the 1.0 IDD translations based on comments received

 - Suggestions for clarification of the 1.0 English data
   definitions based on experience in translation, such changes to
   be incorporated in UBL 1.1

 - Regional content additions to UBL 1.1

 - Content work: Expanded process model; additions from Europe,
   Singapore, and the OASIS Tax XML TC (in other words, a session
   of the content work team that allows input from Asian
   participants and Chinese guests)

 - Discussion of possible UBL transition to UN/CEFACT

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