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Subject: Approach to reporting scemantic errors on an invoice. Any advice?

Dear TC,

As you may know - we have implemented the UBL invoice based on 0p7 in the
public sector. More than one million invoices has been exchanged since
February 1th. The technical infrastructure is based on a VANS-network (5
operators). The addressing mechanism is using EAN-location numbers. 

The VANS network operates with a primitive "Acknowledgment Message". It is
similar to the functionality of ebMS "AckRequested" and "Acknowledgment"
between message handlers. We will now implement most of ebMS in the VANS

My problem is that we lack a mechanism to report scemantic errors and other
kinds of rejects to the invoice. It seems like ebMS is not suitable and
should not be used for "business-level acknowledgments". We need an
InvoiceResponse type message. Any advice to what path we should follow?

Best regards

Mikkel Hippe Brun 
Chief Consultant, M.Sc.
Phone: +45 3337 9220
Cell: +45 2567 4252
E-mail: mhb@itst.dk

National IT and Telecom Agency
Office of IT Strategy
Holsteinsgade 63
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
Phone: +45  3545 0000
Fax: +45 3545 0010

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