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Subject: Re: [ubl] Approach to reporting scemantic errors on an invoice. Anyadvice?

steve capell wrote:

>Depends whether you want:
>1	A process independent acknowledgement signal that is non-repudiable.
>2	An acknowledgement that contains business information specific to
>the process in addition to the fact that the invoice was received and
>For the first case, you need a transaction protocol signal such as a signed
>receipt acknowledgement and acceptance acknowledgement as defined in the
>ebXML BPSS specification.  For the second case you need a specific "invoice
>response document".  
mm1: The OASIS ebBP (Business Process team) will vote on the v2.0 
Committee Draft beginning tomorrow. Steve is correct that the 
acknowledgements are covered in our technical specificiation (Acceptance 
Acknowledgement) and non-repudiation of receipt. Thanks.

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