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Subject: Re: [ubl] Re: Special meeting to discuss NDR VER8 and VER9

Hello UBL TC,

The ver team has decided to hold most of their discussions through
email and has therefore canceled the phone call previously
scheduled for today.  They do intend to check in Monday to touch
base with anyone who's interested and will hold a wrap-up meeting
Tuesday as planned (see below).


   Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 10:40:36 -0700 (PDT)
   From: jon.bosak@sun.com

   A meeting was held 2005.04.08 to discuss the versioning problem.


      Jon Bosak
      Tony Coates
      Stephen Green
      Arofan Gregory
      Eduardo Gutentag
      Anne Hendry
      Sylvia Webb


    - There is a real problem here that is independent of schema
      generation (i.e., it would exist even if the changes were made
      by hand)

    - The problem arises when changes are made simultaneously to two
      or more items sharing the same namespace

    - The suggestion to limit minor version changes to XSD extension
      doesn't solve the problem

    - If we can't figure out a way around this then we will have to
      abandon polymorphism within the limits of XSD as a goal


      An ad-hoc team composed of Arofan, Stephen, Tony, and David
      Kruppke will work over the next two weeks to analyze this
      problem in detail and recommend a solution.  All other
      interested TC members are invited to participate.

      Key questions:

       - Is it possible to preserve polymorphism?

	  - If so, how?

	  - If not, what do we recommend instead?  (The default is
	    redeclaration of the whole set.)

       - In either case, what changes need to be made to the NDRs and
	 the Customization Guidelines?

      The team will hold phone meetings from 18h00-20h00 Central
      European time (17h00-19h00 in the UK) on 4/12 (Tuesday), 4/15
      (Friday), 4/18 (Monday), and 4/19 (Tuesday) using the usual UBL
      conference bridge. (Subcommittee chairs: please notify me ASAP
      if this conflicts with any of your scheduled calls and we will
      switch to an alternative number for these sessions.)

      Email will be used to exchange examples.  To ensure the widest
      possible participation, mail on this subject will use the TC
      mailing list.  All messages in this thread will begin with
      "[ver]" to distinguish them from other mail.  Arofan will be
      copied on all such mail by including the address
      "ilg21@yahoo.com" on the cc line.

      Initial action: Arofan to review the examples posted earlier by
      Stephen at



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