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Subject: [ver] a prototype that works

Greetings. I've a problem sending it today
(CD not reading properly while away from home)
but I've written a full, working (aparently) prototype
using the substitutionGroups with the previous release
types as headers. I made IDs and Codes, in a prototype
2.0 (major) version, all global then created a prototype minor
version which extended Item, InvoiceLine and Invoice
apparently successfully (with the added InspectionDate).
A consideration is - this required new prefixes for changed cac's
as well as for new cbc's. By extending (not necessarily with
actual added bie's) *every* type it might be that just the extra
prefixes for the new bbie's are required (e.g. cbc1-1:InspectionDate)
whereas all extended types might still have the one prefix
cac: (or in: for an Invoice document, say) but of course with
the new namespace. This would be more time-consuming to
prototype of course.
So the above at least needs considering.
I'll be waiting for anyone who wants to attend today but
otherwise I'll 'see' folk tomorrow. By then I might have been
able to send the prototype but I expect you get the idea anyway.
This looks promising - many thanks to Arofan for guiding
us to this.
All the best

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