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Subject: TC meeting schedule


Note the meeting schedule published in the minutes of last week's
Pacific TC call:

   Meeting schedule

      The OASIS meeting in New Orleans and the TC plenary in
      Hangzhou will require some adjustments to our phone meeting
      schedule.  We agreed on the following:

         2005.04.13     Atlantic call as usual
         2005.04.18|19  Pacific call as usual
         2005.04.20     Atlantic call as usual
         2005.04.25|26  Pacific call chaired by TimM
         2005.04.27     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.02|03  Pacific call as usual
         2005.05.04     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.09|10  CANCEL Pacific call
         2005.05.11     CANCEL Atlantic call
         2005.05.16|17  Pacific call as usual; TimM reports on plenary
         2005.05.18     Atlantic call as usual


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