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Subject: Re: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 20 April 2005


| I apologize that I have been unable to participate lately, but
| given the announced agreement to go with a number of changes, can
| we include [...]

Before people start freighting the next release with everyone's
RFEs (requests for enhancement), let me repeat something I said
during yesterday's TC call: this is a renaming of what we already
had in progress made necessary by what appears to be a required
change to the NDRs.  It doesn't add anything to what we'd already
committed to on the content side, and it doesn't add much to what
we were already doing on the NDR side; in fact, we explicitly put
off implementing a specific minor versioning strategy until
later.  And I don't see this as affecting our schedule.

Tomorrow I will try to put together a summary of what we're doing
for 2.0 and update our schedule for 2005; I should have that out
this weekend.  Please hold your comments until you have that
concrete summary to talk about.


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