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Subject: Where we seem to be

Here's my take on where we stand after recent decisions made in
the Atlantic and Pacific TC calls.



1. In response to almost identical requests from IDA (EC), OGC
   (UK), the OASIS Tax XML TC, and others, the UBL content team
   has decided to add seven new document types to the next UBL
   release, as listed below (the already existing UBL 1.0 document
   types are shown in brackets):

   Request for Quotation
   [Order Response Simple]
   [Order Response]
   [Order Change]
   [Order Cancellation]
   [Despatch Advice]
   Rectification Advice
   Credit Note
   Debit Note

   Also included in the next release will be the Request for
   Certificate of Origin, which has been planned for over a year
   now.  This expansion of the document set is completely
   independent of NDR considerations and would take place
   regardless of what we called the next release.

2. To lay the groundwork for a robust minor versioning mechanism
   still under development, we will be changing the only two
   locally declared UBL element types, ID and Code, to global.
   After this change, all element types in UBL will be global.
   UBL 1.0 semantics will be entirely unaffected by this change,
   but since it will necessitate a complete regeneration of the
   schema set, our naming and design rules require us to call it
   "UBL 2.0."  We will take advantage of this name change to
   replace the UBL 1.0 CCTS schema modules with the versions
   recently published by UN/CEFACT ATG.  It should be understood
   that this monolithic regeneration of the schema set does not
   represent our long-term strategy for minor versioning but is
   rather intended to implement a critical change we think will be
   required for that strategy as early in the deployment of UBL as

3. Our delivery schedule for the next release remains largely
   unaffected by these changes, but in the short term we will have
   to do some juggling.  Here's what I get based on people's
   availability over the summer:

   09 May 2005 All-week UBL TC meeting in Hangzhou hosted by the
               China National Institute of Standardization

   17 May 2005 Content team meeting in the Pacific TC calls starts
	       processing input from European stakeholders and the
	       OASIS Tax XML TC

   18 May 2005 NDR team meeting in the Atlantic TC calls starts
	       reviewing NDR issues in light of the decision to
	       make all elements global, then takes up code lists

   15 Jun 2005 Begin Public Review Number 1 (data model only)

   01 Jul 2005 GEFEG gets all the schema changes decided so far
               (DavidK goes on vacation last two weeks of July)

   08 Aug 2005 All-week UBL TC meeting in Ottawa hosted by Adobe:
               Comment disposition, Review Number 1; begin final
               schema generation for Review Number 2

   01 Sep 2005 Package assembly for Review Number 2

   15 Sep 2005 Begin Public Review Number 2 (entire package)

   15 Oct 2005 Comment disposition and repackaging

   15 Nov 2005 2.0 internal UBL CD vote begins

   01 Dec 2005 CD approved by start of UBL TC meeting;
               begin OASIS one-month public review (etc.)

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