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Subject: [no subject]

(i) reorganise it into two sections - first the generic section,  then the  
UBL-specific section;
(ii) add  the details of the  generic code list format (aka 'genericode').

As part of this, I have  attempted to separate the requirements into two  
sets - first the  generic requirements, then the UBL-specific  
requirements.  My  thought is that any mention of ABIEs, BBIEs, and NDRs  
should only  occur in the UBL-specific section.  I also think that  
discussion  of the particular W3C XML Schema structure used by UBL should  
also be  in the second section.

The new first (generic) section is mostly an  import of my XML 2004 talk,  
with some small changes to make it more  suitable for the document.   
However, what I have done is very  rough, and still needs a lot of  
editing.  However, having the  document in this format will make it a *lot*  
easier for me to continue  the development of the generic side (working  
with FpML & MDDL),  without forcibly impacting the UBL side of the  
document.  I do  have some things to add still, based on the feedback I  
have received  so far.



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