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Subject: [no subject]

Tony, I think that your excellent contributions should  fit into the 
structure of the document we had. There is no need for a  ubl-specific part and a 
non-ubl-specific. Just a data model and an XML Schema  mapping. The concept is to 
converge efforts toward a solution set -- not  parallel solutions.
To that end, I have tried to remove the UBL specific references from the  
requirements and have adopted your rewording. Then, I put your theory of code  
list modeling into the introductory portion of the document. I needed to merge  
your copy by hand because you worked from an older version than the current.  
There were a couple of your new requirements that I thought were part of  
existing requirements and so I either discarded them or added them to the  
existing descriptions. I also preserved the original numbering since no one will  be 
able to compare requirements with the renumbering in your draft. You need to  
check if I captured all requirements and comments correctly.
We need to gain some agreement on the actual data model and how its  
presented in section 4 followed by the schema representation in section 5.
How do you feel about my edits to your proposed edits? Can we work on this  
document from this point to do the edits you suggested would be necessary  next?



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