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Subject: Re: [ubl] Prototype -ver-sdg-4 (polymorphism / ATG2 CCTS schema alignment)

In response to Stephen's points 7 and 8, i think as a matter of principle we should establish that our goal is to rely entirely on the ATG2 CCTS schemas and import them without modification. otherwise why bother?

Indeed the only reason we have to maintain these ourselves is that we dont have a central repository from UN/CEFACT to point to. They should be a 'black box' to us.

We can, of course, define our own Specialized Datatypes but these must be based on ATG2 Unspecialized/Unqualified Datatypes even if this causes us some pain.

Stephen Green wrote:
7. There will likely need to be consideration of the fact the ATG2 CCTS schemas have their own codelist schemas associated with them and
     examination of how these should relate to UBL codelist schemas. For this demonstration all the ATG2 schemas have been imported
     into the UBL schemas with the ATG2 schemas completely unchanged.
8. Regarding the Amount and the Measure and Quantity datatypes in the ATG2 schemas, a real concern is that
     there seems to me to be reliance on use of a namespace rule to provide some of the essential (to business
     and legal parties) metadata such as the associated codelist and codelist version IDs. My concern is that
     these namespaces will not make it into instances and so may be lost for future examiners of the documents.
     I'd very strongly suggest remedying this with UBL specialized datatypes (as for UBAmount in UBL 1.0) but
     I'm not sure whether/how this may be achieved without the appropriate attributes existing in the ATG2 'unqualified
     datatypes'. I've not attempted to resolve this issue in these prototypes. Rather I have used the ATG2 Amount
     in place of the UBL 1.0 UBLAmount but I'd not recommend this in practise. Perhaps, in the worse case scenario,
     the UBL 1.0 Specialized Datatypes schema and dependancy schemas should be continued into UBL 2.0. This might
     be undesirable since the UBLAmount forces use of the 0.3 version of the currency codelist which might need updating
     for UBl 2.0. An alternative would then be to keep the UBL 1.0 unspecialized datatypes schema in UBL 2.0 (imported
     from UBL 1.0 along with imports of the ATG2 1.1 schemas) and to base new UBL 2.0 specialized datatypes on that.
Best Regards
Stephen Green

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