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Subject: Subcommittee calls this week

Earlier I replied to Stephen as follows:

| [stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk:]
| | With the plenary arrangements for next week
| | I wondered if the usual conference call number
| | will be available for any SC calls (e.g. morning
| | in Asia on Wednesday).
| Yes, the bridge should be available for SC calls all week.

This was because we did not think that it would be possible to
connect with the usual bridge during the TC meeting in Hangzhou.
However, the TC meeting in Hangzhou was able to establish such a
connection (using VOIP, I think) and has announced that it will be
opening calls for general participation Wednesday morning (Tuesday
evening in the U.S.) and Wednesday afternoon (Wednesday morning in
Europe).  See


If there are any subcommittees needing conference facilities
during the times specified, please contact me for an alternative.


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