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Subject: Minutes UBL F2F 12-05-05

Dear all
please find an account of today's UBL F2F minutes.

Minutes, Hangzhou UBL F2F 12-05-05

Attendees: Tim McGrath, Mavis Cournane, Yukinori Saito, Mikkel Brun, 
Anne Hendry, SungHyuk Kim, Thomas Lee, Peter Borresen, Colin Lam, 
Wenfeng Sun, Sun-Ho Kim

The workflow required for the 2.0 release was discussed
There is a need for review at critical points in the process in which 
TC wide participation is highly desirable. TC review should  take place 
at either F2F or on joint Atlantic/Pacific calls if feasible.

For 2.0 we have to test that we can do a minor release before we 
formally release 2.0 to ensure that versioning mechanism works - This 
should be done when we  generate the sample instances. This will be 
done by the Danish representatives.

Additionally, there will be an editorial team for the NDR document and 
extra resources to help with NDR activities are welcome.

JPLSC will propose a pilot project  with a view to seeing how 
harmonization could happen between Japan and other economies.
The other LSC representatives said that they would need some commerical 
funding to do this.
MB of the Danish Interest Group said that some Danish companies might 
be interested in this.

A position paper is required for Party. Mark Litch and the Danish 
Interest Group will provide this.

Take the IDA requirements and append them to the issues list.
The Danish Interest group will do this.

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