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Subject: minutes for UBL F2F 11-05-05

Dear all
please find below an account of yesterday's minutes.

Minutes, Hangzhou UBL F2F 11-05-05

Attendees: Tim McGrath, Mavis Cournane, Yukinori Saito, Mikkel Brun, 
Anne Hendry, SungHyuk Kim, Thomas Lee, Peter Borresen, Colin Lam, 
Wenfeng Sun

1. Singapore Certificate of Origin Markup Language

Crimson Logic have done alot of the work that UBL will incorporate into 
the UBL 2.0 Certificate of Origin document.

Greater synergies have been found in terms of the UBL BuyerParty and 
UBL BuyerParty that meets the requirements for this document.

This document has been proposed for use in a pilot project.

2. Japanese business process extension
Research was undertaken to determine what the most important ecommerce 
business documents were.
Saito-san provided an overview of these findings.
Additionally JPLSC suggests the following candidate business documents 
for a future release: demand plan, reserve order, order discontinuance, 
delivery date confirmation, delivery date response, inspection 
information and receive check information.

It will make conversion between the ECALGA and UBL subsets easier.

Sung: Would these documents fit in to the UBL 80-20 rule.
TM: My feeling is that the first two documents i.e. demand plan and 
reserve rule that would fit this rule. It needs further global 

3. IDA Issues
a. PartyTypes
There is a delivery recipient and the default delivery recipient is the 
buyer party.

Attachments are a meaningless concept within the document, however, it 
is packaging thing not a document content thing.

Peter Borresen and Thomas Lee will liaise with Crimson Logic on the 
suitability for UBL of the model for digital signatures as provided by 
the COML project

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