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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 02|03 May 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 3 MAY 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Tim McGrath
   Sylvia Webb


   Meeting in Hangzhou

      ACTION: JonB to send slides for opening overview.

   New TC process

      New membership categories were noted.


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)


   Liaison report: Tax XML TC

      SylviaW: Had no access to the Internet last week and was not
      able to participate.  Have seen nothing from them except
      draft response comments to Tim's comments.  The next meeting
      is not till the end of the month.

      ACTION: SylviaW to check on what's happening by phone and
      let us know by email.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      StephenG: Waiting for KenH to come back to update the
      URIs... and a few other things dependent on Ken.  Has the
      copyright changed due to revised policy?

      JonB: Don't think so.

   Subcommittee report: SSC

      StephenG: SC hasn't met and probably won't till after the
      Hangzhou plenary.  Finished further prototype to demonstrate
      that we can adopt the polymorphic design for minor revisions
      and also include the ATG2 CCTS schemas; no showstoppers
      there, everything works OK.

   Subcommittee report: HISC

      MicahD: Have put out a call to a large number of
      implementors, and they are starting to respond.  Done
      everything necessary at this point.

   Team report: IDA/OGC

      TimM: IDA/OGC held a F2F last week to conclude the gap
      analysis, buthaven't heard anything since -- no minutes or
      notes from that discussion. The goal was to conclude their
      analysis and produce a single spreadsheet, like Tax XML, to
      submit to UBL.  We have a call scheduled for this Friday.

      We had a lengthy discussion in last week's IDA/OGC call
      about taxation; even if Tax XML is late, there will be so
      much overlap that we can be pretty sure to incorporate it;
      there is a lot of similarity in the two sets of

   Team report: COML

      TimM: Held a couple of meetings in the last week.
      CrimsonLogic have generated draft schemas from their
      submission and are now making a few additions to
      cardinalities and a couple of components. There will be
      another round of edits to be done by CL, and then they will
      be finished.  Chee-Kai has been helping them understand
      spreadsheets and generated schemas.


   JonB: Agenda: "We need to start working out a more detailed
   timeline.  I'm especially interested to know how we're going to
   handle the proposed Catalogue document."  Who does the actual
   document spreadsheets?

   TimM: In the case of COML, it uses a significant part of the
   UBL 1.0 library, but has a different business context and
   therefore has a lot of original material.  So they ended up
   with a new UBL document model spreadsheet and a set of
   extensions to the UBL Reusable spreadsheet.  To make a
   deliverable, the UBL TC has to go through the additions and
   decide whether they are acceptable. In this case, no real
   design effort is required of the TC, just an approval process.
   We had hoped we could have gotten to that level with IDA/OGC,
   but don't think we will, and that's probably not a bad thing.
   For the requested new document types, the UBL TC will need to
   do design rather than just approval.

   JonB: We will need one person to take on the job of the initial
   model for each new doctype.

   TimM: We should start with sourcing and then move through the
   extended process.

   JonB: "Catalogue" is a monster!

   TimM: Wrong name.  This is not really a catalogue, just a piece
   of info that goes from seller to buyer that says "if you want
   to order this product, use this ID number and price"... it's
   the response to a query, "how much are red widgets" and should
   have been named something like "product information message."
   "Catalogue" is an OGC term, not IDA.

   JonB: We're now in the Content Team part of this meeting.

   TimM: This is what we will be discussing next week in Hangzhou:
   looking at the sourcing process, whether the proposed docs are
   what we want, and what to call them.

   StephenG: What about the UBL 2.0 schedule?

   JonB: Nominally the same as it was a week ago.

   ACTION: TC, meeting in Hangzhou, to come up with a more
   detailed time line for review in the Pacific TC call 16|17 May.

Jon Bosak

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