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Subject: RE: [ubl] Groups - UBL V2.0 Model Architecture (UBL V2.0 Model Architecture.doc) uploaded


> How does one base BIEs on CCs or candidate CCs if you need a 
> harmonization and approval process with them to create the 
> CCs? This seems an impossibility to me.
> Should we:
> 1. first create BIEs then use them to design CCs on which
> they can be based   or
> 2. first create the CCs then derive the BIEs from the CCs?

2.  You may want to look at Section 5 of CCTS which has some very nice flow charts that explains all of this.

> Secondly, do the CCs ever need to be expressed as CCs in the schemas?

No - although Garret M. of Oracle is playing around with this concept.

> If not then we have to derive BIEs from them in the model 
> only and not use XSD derivation to base BIEs on CCs in the schemas.


> If we do have CCs as CCs in the schemas, should we use XSD 
> derivation to derive the BIEs from them?

No.  See immediately preceding comment.

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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