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Subject: Re: [ubl] Discussion of RELAX-NG/W3C Schema normativeness in SBSC work

I think that the SBSC's reasoning in using RELAX-NG is valid.

Note the following:

 - RNG is an ISO TR; W3C XSD is not.

 - We chose to base our message schemas on XSD for political
   reasons, not technical ones.

 - Our NDRs specify the methodology we use for creating the UBL
   message schemas.  They have nothing to do with the specs we use
   for the rest of the package.  For example, they have nothing to
   say about the standards used to construct the index.html file
   (XHTML) or the illustrations (JPG) or the supporting documents
   (PDF) or the spreadsheets (SXC, XLS).  These have all been
   chosen based on their fitness for the purpose at hand.

So if the SBSC determines that RNG works better than XSD for the
objective that SBSC is pursuing, then I believe that that's what
they should be using.


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