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Subject: RE: [ubl] Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 16|17 May 2005

In the Pacific Call minutes, Jon wrote:

>     - The Reusables are continuing to grow with things that are
>       actually specific to a given context. It is proposed that we
>       distinguish "common" BIEs (that is, used by more than one
>       doc type) from "core" BIEs (that is, used by many doc types)
>       from BIEs that are used in only one doc type. JP is working
>       up a proposal for this. Some of us are skeptical that this
>       distinction can be made cleanly. Some believe that such a
>       change will make it easier to align with CEFACT CC. Clearly,
>       any change in this direction will mean a change to the NDRs.

I think that changing the library model spreadsheet however LC wants to
do it can be done with no changes to the schema.  The proposed changes
to the library modeling are no different that what we already do in
CEFACT - individual spreadsheets for individual projects.  We still have
common reusable schema modules however that cut across all functional

We need to be careful however in distinguishing our BIEs.  There is no
concept in CCTS of "common" or "core" BIEs.  BIEs are actually specific
to a particular context albeit reusable by many different contexts.  A
pure procurement context Address can still be used by anyone who
subscribes to the actual content model and restrictions of the BIE.
Just because it was created for procurement, doesn't mean it can't and
shouldn't be used elsewhere.  


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