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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 23|24 May 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 24 MAY 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Stephen Green
   Thomas Lee
   Tim McGrath
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)


   Liaison report: Tax XML TC

      SylviaW: The TC met W-F last week; they will review their
      submission Wednesday, and we will have the results soon

      We congratulate Harm Jan for his election to chair the eGov
      TC in addition to the Tax XML TC.

   Liaison report: ebXML Asia Committee

      ThomasL: The eAC meets next week in HK, but only a few
      people have registered.  There is less momentum behind
      Registry than there has been for ebMS.  The eAC CC Task
      Group has collected requirements for TBG17 and Sugamata-san
      has submitted them.

      It was noted that with Marion Royal's withdrawal from active
      participation we no longer have a formal liaison to TBG17
      (though StigK remains the TBG17 liaison to UBL).

      ACTION: Get a new liaison to TBG17.

   Subcommittee report: SBSC

      StephenG: Estimate a week for Ken to catch up from XTech in
      Amsterdam, then a few changes from StephenG, then a vote of
      seven days to agree to submit the package to the TC.  The
      RNG schemas do describe the subset formally, so they might
      be viewed has having a normative status outside the
      development process.

      TimM: Like an EDI implementation guide.

      StephenG: There might be a Schematron version for BPSS, so
      there might be real-time access to the subset definition to
      test the message.

   Team report: European input

      TimM: Don't have a complete picture of the meeting in DK
      week. Have requested another meeting with OGC and IDA next
      week.  There appears to be a desire to keep things
      moving. The call will be Friday 3 June.

   Team report: Asian input

      TimM: We need the latest CCs from Sue ASAP to limit
      harmonization problems with trade document contributions
      from China.

      ACTION: SueP to provide CCs to TimM per



   The chair had to leave the call at the beginning of the content
   work session to attend a previously scheduled social
   function. Notes by TimM on what followed appear below.



Content discussions for May 24 2005 Pacific meeting.

The UBL 2.0 issue list is gone through.

The links in Column G are not working. Betty will check and
correct this problem.

Issues discussed:

   Issue 2 is redundant, and is already referenced in issue 19.

   Issue 25 can be approached by adding a document reference in
   every document.

   Issue 26 is about how to represent different parties. Peter
   Borresen will produce a white paper on the 10+ parties to

   Issue 23 is about the CodeListVersionID. CCTS is
   inadequate for real business usage.

   Issue 27 is also related to issue 23, e.g. CodeListID is
   missing in Measure CCT.

   Row 36 Dispatch/Consignor Party is also a TaxML requirement.

   Row 37 requires addition of a Type Code BBIE within a Document
   Reference ABIE.

   Row 38 Suggest to use Produce Trace ID to reference the Item
   Instance ID and research RFID terminology for this Item
   Instance ID.

   Row 39 Propose to accept the IDA proposal on the need of

   Row 41 Need more information from IDA on Party Card Account.

   Row 46 TaxML can provide examples on the use of

   Row 52 Document Status Code can be extended to cover Test

   Row 57 Agree to add Line ID as an optional component.

   Row 60 Cost Centre Account Code is originated from the need for
   a buyer-to-buyer information model in UBL to support
   marketplaces as intermediaries.

   Row 67 Need clarification on Value Date from IDA.

It was discussed whether the marketplace model
(i.e. buyer-to-buyer information model) should be supported in
UBL, any input on this would be welcome. Meanwhile we will treat
these marketplace-related issues to be requirement-driven now.

Next action is for Tim to notify Peter Borreson of these chnages
and have them incorporated into the next version of the issue

We need another version by next week's calls (June 1/2).  Then it
can go back to Betty for maintenance.

We don't know the correct way to feedback issues 23 and issues 27
to ATG2. We need to solve these issues within UBL 2.0 time frame.

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