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Subject: Participation in Europe/Asia call

Hello UBL TC,

Please note the following passage from this week's Atlantic TC

   Regarding the proposal to split work items over the three
   weekly meetings in the new TC call schedule, it was observed by
   several members that there are serious potential coordination
   problems inherent in the plan, though we cannot reasonably
   decline to implement a call for Asia and Europe.  Of particular
   concern is the chair's suggestion that the Europe/Asia call
   take a lead in sorting through and proposing decisions
   regarding the current crop of NDR issues.  Close coordination
   and active participation from Asia were identified as the key
   risk factors in making this arrangement a success.  It was
   decided to try this out for a couple of weeks and see what
   happens.  The fallback is to hold separate calls for NDR, but
   this would necessarily exclude most Asian input.

   ACTION: JonB to send a message noting this and asking for
   active Asian participation.  The initial task of the new calls
   should be putting our NDR issues in focus for review in the
   Atlantic meetings.

Consider yourself so notified.

Thinking about this, I realize that the people asking for the
creation of a Europe/Asia TC call may not actually have had the
task outlined above in mind.  So please discuss this at your first
meeting next week and let us know whether this makes sense.  The
alternative (as hinted above) is to hold a series of NDR meetings
on Wednesdays after the Atlantic call.


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