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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 30|31 May 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 31 MAY 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Stephen Green
   Tim McGrath

   Many U.S. members did not attend this meeting due to the Memorial
   Day holiday.


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)


   Liaison reports


   Subcommittee reports

      SBSC and SSC: Nothing to report this week.

   Team report: COML group

      TimM: This is morphing into a transport group with the
      participation of the DTTN project from HK. Two meetings have
      been held in the last two weeks.  DTTN have submitted their
      EF models and exported them into our spreadsheet format;
      everything so far is very positive. The DDTN approach is
      highly compatible with the UBL idea and uses some of the UBL
      library, so moving DTTN documents into UBL is technically

      The DTTN library consists of 65 international
      trade/transport documents; 30 of these have received HK
      industry approval, and a software trial is about to begin
      using nine of them.  Of immediate interest are the additions
      we could pick up from this work for the UBL library; a
      further thought would be to implement the suggestion made
      last year to target the APEC paperless trade documents by
      simply adopting the DTTN versions.  The DTTN set includes a
      CO document, so we will need to harmonize that with the
      CrimsonLogic work; we have agreed to weekly meetings to work
      on this.

   Team report: European government input

      TimM: Another call has been scheduled for this Friday.  The
      activity is being driven by the DK group; see their proposed
      process model. Also the content issues list is currently
      being worked on by PeterB.  OGC appears to be willing to
      continue; we hope to decide on Friday whether to form an
      EULSC that would take over this work.


   ACTION: Tim to send out the agenda.


   The content issues list is currently being worked on by PeterB;
   we hope to have the revised list in hand for Wednesday's
   Europe/Asia TC call.

   Regarding the proposed new process model posted by PeterB:


    - StephenG is right, the invoice in 3.4 (billing) is not a new
      document; it should be represented in grey, not red.

    - The payment collaboration (3.6 in the model doc) needs to
      recognize post-remittance reconciliation.  This may involve
      an extended debit note, credit note, invoice, each of which
      references both a remittance and/or a statement.  The
      statement document also needs to be restored to this

   ACTION: StephenG to convey details of this to PeterB.

   JonB: PeterB says: "The state of the sourcing use case is not
   settled. There will be some further work on in august and
   September to find out the actual documents needed."  What does
   this mean?

   TimM: The default catalog document is just an item and its
   price.  That's still the default for 2.0, but DK would like to
   develop a more comprehensive catalog in parallel with our work
   that could be considered for UBL 2.0 if it were ready in time
   and could simply be plugged into the set if the TC approved of

   TimM: The outstanding items on the content issues list are:
   1. The requirements from the Tax XML TC (expected by next
   week); 2. Final requirements from European government
   procurement (PeterB has the task of finishing this); and CO
   requirements, which can be held for the moment in anticipation
   of a plug-in.  We should probably have more than one issues
   list [i.e., work list] so that the work can take place in
   parallel.  Perhaps best would be to split the work into (a) the
   extended process model for procurement (the primary goal) and
   (b) transportation documents (a secondary goal).

   JonB: The question is who's going to do the work in which set
   of TC calls.

   ACTION: TimM to develop a project plan for content showing how
   to divide up this work between the available call slots.


   We will start on the Tax XML and European government input.

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