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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 11|12 July 2005

00H30 - 02H30 UTC TUESDAY 12 JULY 2005


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Micah Dubinko
   Stephen Green
   Ken Holman
   Tim McGrath
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar (http://ibiblio.org/bosak/ubl/calendar.htm)

      SylviaW: Tax XML meeting September 26; note conflict with
      both the CEFACT Forum and ASC X12; will probably be at the
      CEFACT Forum.

      TimM: 1-5 August TBG17 meeting in Vienna; will attend.

   Liaison report: CEN/ISSS eInvoicing workshop

      TimM (channeling for MikkelB): ChristianC attended.  This
      effort appears to be focusing on the Chemical and
      Engineering industries.

   Liaison report: CEN/ISSS document modeling workshop

      TimM (channeling for MikkelB): MikkelB invited people to
      participate in the eCatalogue workshop organized by DK.  His
      presentation appears to have been well received.

   Liaison report: CEN/ISSS C-Cat workshop

      TimM (channeling for MikkelB): This work is focused on
      syntax-neutral modeling in a way that could complement
      UBL. We certainly want their input and hope that we can

   Liaison report: Tax XML TC

      SylviaW: Resource issues dominated the call last week.  The
      TC is very interested in working with UBL but cannot commit
      yet to attending regular meetings or creating implementation
      guides.  However, they are happy to schedule participation
      in conference calls to discuss particular subjects and to
      engage in discussions by email.

      TimM: For example, Dave Chambers of the Tax XML TC will be
      attending this week's Eurasia TC call to discuss tax-related

   Subcommittee report: HISC

      KenH: Nothing to report; next meeting tomorrow evening.
      Very glad to see that Zarella will be attending the meeting
      in Ottawa.

      JonB: So we will make HISC its own track at that meeting.

      KenH: Have we finalized the list of new docs for the
      extended process model?

      TimM: The only feedback received on version 0.9 has been
      editorial, so the list looks solid.  Will send out a version
      1.0 after this call.

      JonB: So we will sign off on the extended process model
      during this week's Eurasia and Atlantic calls.

      ACTION: Last call for TC to review version 1.0 of the plan.

   Subcommittee report: SSC

      StephenG: Should soon have the GEFEG work done for Ottawa.

      SylviaW: DavidK is hoping to have new schemas to the list
      this Friday.

   Team report: Transportation

      TimM: Didn't meet last week but will meet this Friday to
      establish a regular call schedule and start incorporating
      the DTTN contributions.

      ACTION: Transportation team to decide whether the DTTN
      contribution is a PR opp for them.

   Team report: Procurement

      TimM: Finalized the extended process model last week and
      discussed how to start development.  The team will meet next
      Friday.  TimM will meet with OGC and IDA over the next
      couple of weeks.

   Review of Eurasia and Atlantic TC minutes

      The group continued the discussion of Reusable noted in the
      Atlantic TC minutes.  It appears that earlier concerns
      regarding the proposal would not apply if the changes were
      restricted to the structure of the spreadsheets.

      AGREED that we will divide the spreadsheets as proposed by
      Saito-san using the terminology proposed by JonB with the
      understanding that we will adhere to CCTS, populate the
      "context" columns in the spreadsheets, and not change the
      structure of the schemas.

      AGREED that we will use the term "context-specific
      libraries" in generic references to the Transportation
      Library and the Procurement Library.

      We understand from Saito-san's proposal that any element
      used in more than one context will always be put in the
      (non-context-specific) Common Library (though not all
      elements in the Common Library will necessarily be used in
      more than one context-specific library).

      ACTION: JonB to put these decisions on the agenda for this
      week's Atlantic call.

      TimM: The NDR team should think about whether to extend this
      division to the schema level as well.

      JonB: So noted.


   PENDING ACTION: StephenG to provide an SBS timeline for the UBL
   2.0 schedule.

      StephenG: Done, and have also produced a phase 0 SBS invoice.

   PENDING ACTION: JonB to schedule a discussion of CCTS
   compliance that will include MarkC and MichaelD.

      Status: This is waiting MarkC's return from vacation.  The
      question (which arose out of email) is: in what way is 1.0
      not CCTS compliant, and how can we ensure that 2.0 is
      compliant?  Issues include ACCs and CC types.

      TimM: This still needs to happen.  UBL was an early adopter
      working way ahead of CEFACT's ability to answer questions
      about this.

      JonB: Maybe this is a question for TMG.

      AGREED that MarkC and MichaelD need to agree on whether UBL
      is or is not CCTS compliant.

   PENDING ACTION: To schedule the preparation of spreadsheets for
   Tax XML after we see the outcome of the Tax XML TC meeting this
   week [the week of 27 June].

      StephenG: Have completed the SBS Invoice spreadsheet and now
      need their input.

      ACTION: SylviaW to convey the SBS Invoice to the Tax XML TC
      and solicit their feedback.

   PENDING ACTION: SylviaW to produce a row on "Tax XML TC
   collaboration" for inclusion in the UBL 2.0 schedule before the
   Pacific call 11|12 July.

      SylviaW: Could not complete this due to the Tax XML TC's
      inability to commit resources at the present time.  We will
      need to revisit this in October.

   PENDING ACTION: SylviaW to find out where we stand with payment
   terms and payment means, TimM to respond to Oriol.

      TimM: Done.  SylviaW's research established that we had not
      dealt with this as we thought, so it has been added to the
      content issues list.  In the process, SylviaW determined
      that a ubl-dev thread started by Constantine Wasco regarding
      transportation elements is relevant to UBL 2.0, and those
      comments have therefore been added to the content issues


   SylviaW: Spoke to BettyH regarding the EF librarian role; she
   continues to be interested, so we will need to contact her as
   soon as the spreadsheets are ready to be entered.

   ACTION: KenH to provide logistical details for the meeting next
   month in Ottawa.

   TimM and StephenG note that they will participate in the Ottawa
   meeting by phone.  JonB noted that MarkC has indicated that he
   will be doing the same.


   StephenG has sent out the latest version of the content issues
   list (11 July).

   ACTION: JonB to communicate the change in ownership of the
   issues list to BettyH.

   Responsibility for creating initial document models for the
   extended procurement process has been assigned as follows:

    - Sourcing collaboration documents will be drafted by the DK

    - Fulfillment collaboration documents will be drafted by the
      Asian group

    - Billing documents will be drafted by StephenG

    - Payment documents will be drafted by SylviaW

   StephenG will now prototype the extended Invoice and the Credit
   Note so that we can finalize those models on this call next
   week (i.e., far enough so that the other teams can develop doc
   types based on the same principles).

   ACTION: StephenG to distribute drafts of Invoice and Credit
   Note to the list for discussion.

Jon Bosak

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