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Subject: UBL 2.0 schemas


please find attached new UBL 2.0 schemas after first batch of schema

All issues of the list (see attachement NDR feedback.xls) have been


Due to using the ATG2-UnqualifiedDatatype schema module there is a change
concerning the currency code list. ATG2 has a predefined code list for
currency codes. We assumed that the UBL CurrencyCodeType and UBLAmountType
should also use this predefined code list. In order to do this we had to
change the values for code list agency and code list name. As a result
CurrencyCodeType is now located in the SpecializedDataType schema, because
it does not have an own simpletype for the content. I think this would be a
good chance to do this in general, to store all specialized data types in
the SpecializedDataType schema including the code lists. This would be the
same behavier like ATG2. Another item is to get rid off UBLAmountType. It is
now redundant.

Best Regards


NDR feedback.xls



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