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Subject: Revised UBL 2.0 schedule

Hello UBL TC,

Attached (as the usual zzz file) is a revised schedule for UBL
2.0.  This one is quite a bit different from the one I circulated
in June, for two reasons:

1. The revised HISC schedules added three weeks to phase 1 and an
   additional two weeks (for five weeks total) to phase 2.

2. The revised OASIS process released in April requires an
   additional stage in the standardization and review cycle.

Together, these changes push out final delivery about two months
beyond what was originally scheduled, even with some rather
creative interpretations of the new rules.  Our actual
deliverables are pretty much the same up through the end of the
year, but then the revised TC process puts release as an OASIS
Standard at August 2006 rather than June 2006.  Most of the NDR
and content schedule is not affected until we start processing
comments from public reviews at the beginning of 2006.  The
meeting previously set for December of this year moves to January
2006 to fit the new comment review cycle.

Let's review this in this week's TC meetings.



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