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Subject: RE: [ubl] Discussion of substitution groups

> >The extensible bit is in the vocabulary and how customizers use that 
> >vocabulary and our normative schema.  Not in how we create our 
> >normative schema.
> The extensible bit is only in a vocabulary if that vocabulary 
> is extensible.
> It seems to me that you're arguing not so much for 
> extensibility but reusability.

The vocabulary is extensible - through the creation of new context
specific BIEs in the base model.  It is also extensible through
customization outside of the standards process between trading partner
individuals and groups.
> That said, as I've argued before, substitution groups are not 
> as extensible a mechanism as use of xsd:any.

Sure.  Lets have two types in UBL.  Any and Thing with unlimited content
models.  Very extensible - and totally useless for setting STANDARDS.


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