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Subject: Ballot to approve SBS 1.0 as Committee Draft

Hello voting members of the UBL TC,

I have just uploaded a ballot on the SBS 1.0 candidate CD; see
below for the text.  Voting begins at noon New York time 20 July
2005 and ends at noon New York time 27 July 2005.

To cast your vote, log in to the UBL TC site and click on
"Ballots."  DO NOT use the UBL mailing list for voting; use the
web site.  You will need to log in using your OASIS password in
order to vote.

Note that this vote takes place under the revised OASIS TC process
that went into effect in April 2005.  Where previously approval of
a CD required a yes vote of at least 2/3 of the voting members,
now it just requires a "full majority," i.e., more than half of
the voting members, but that's because CD is now just the first
step on the way to creating a Committee Specification (CS), which
still requires the 2/3 vote to approve.  The present vote simply
allows us to submit the CD to OASIS for a 60-day public review,
after which it will still be in our process awaiting the
resolution of comments received during the review cycle.  So
voting to approve at this point just allows us to get public
review; it doesn't prevent us from making further changes.

You should understand, however, that "full majority" (usually
called "absolute majority") means that the CD will be approved
only if a majority of *all* the current voting members vote to
approve (not just more voting yes than voting no).  In effect,
this means that a failure to vote is exactly the same as voting
no; you can't really opt out of this, and failure to vote
*will* count against your voting status in the TC.  So I urge you
voting members -- all 15 of you -- to log in now and get it over

Jon Bosak



The question to be voted on reads as follows:


1. That the OASIS UBL TC approves the SBS 1.0 candidate Committee
   Draft currently located at


2. That the UBL TC chair and the SBS editors are authorized to
   make such editorial and formatting changes to the approved
   document as may be required for publication as an OASIS
   Committee Draft, including, if necessary, nonsubstantive
   changes to correct minor errors.

3. That the UBL TC chairs and secretaries are authorized to submit
   the approved Committee Draft for OASIS public review.

4. That the UBL TC chairs and secretaries are authorized to make
   such further editorial and formatting changes to the approved
   Committee Draft as may be requested by OASIS Administration to
   meet the requirements of the OASIS standardization process.

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