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Subject: [RE][ubl] Walking tour of Ottawa

I attached PPT file on KRLSC Report. I just arrived the Residence Inn. How can I reach the meeting place from the hotel.
Please let me know.
Kim, Sung Hyuk

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보낸사람 : jon.bosak@sun.com
받는사람 : ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
CC : mom@cranesoftwrights.com
보낸날짜 : 2005-08-07 08:50:43
제 목 : [ubl] Walking tour of Ottawa

UBL participants,

Kathryn Holman (copied on this message) has generously offered to

give us a walking tour of Ottawa Sunday afternoon, but she needs

to know by email or phone by noon on Sunday -- see the handout she

left you at the hotel for her number.  Please contact her if

you're interested.  (I am.)



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KRLSC Activity Report.ppt

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