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Subject: Proposed Procurement Subcommittee (PSC)

Hello UBL TC,

The ad hoc team that has been working to develop our extended
procurement process wishes to propose that it be more formally
constituted as a subcommittee.  This would give an organizational
focus to the work and allow team lead Tim McGrath to concentrate
on creation of the catalogue content for phase 2 of UBL 2.0
development.  The UBL Procurement Subcommittee (PSC) would be
chaired by Mark Leitch (UK OGC) with Sylvia Webb as vice chair
and Peter Borresen as editor.

The proposal below will be discussed in the Thursday morning
plenary of this week's TC meeting in Ottawa.



UBL Procurement Subcommittee Draft Charter

   1. To liaise with governments, industry, and organizations
      responsible for e-commerce solutions to identify
      requirements for the development and implementation of UBL
      Procurement documents.

   2. To develop, document and maintain the conceptual models for
      the UBL Procurement package.

   3. To foster implementations of UBL for Procurement through
      coordination, guidance, and responsiveness to queries in
      order to test the viability of UBL implementations in
      real-world scenarios.

   4. To discover general principles for the development and
      selection of UBL facilities and for the adaptations of human
      interface presentations (output and input) for the
      Procurement context.

   5. To liaise regarding the Procurement models with other
      subcommittees in UBL as required.

   6. To develop informative materials as an aid to developers of
      UBL procurement applications.


   1. UBL Procurement process model(s)

   2. UBL Procurement package spreadsheet model

   3. UBL Procurement document spreadsheet model(s)

   4. User documentation of the Procurement models

Possible Deliverables

   5. Catalogue of known implementations of UBL for Procurement

   6. Descriptions of representative Procurement scenarios

Scope of work

   This committee's work is to maintain definitions of UBL
   semantics or conceptual models as they relate to the context of

   Through analysis of real-world requirements for Procurement
   uses of UBL, this committee will design and document the UBL
   components needed for assembling appropriate Procurement

Manner and schedule of work

   The work of the subcommittee will be primarily through a mail
   list set up by OASIS for subcommittee work. Access by the
   public will be through an openly available mail list archive.

   A library of intermediate work materials (links, files, meeting
   minutes, examples, etc.) will be maintained through the
   subcommittee web site and will be open for public access.

   The pace of development will attempt to keep up with the
   release of new UBL document models and input from the user

   Teleconferences will be scheduled on a regular basis (perhaps
   as often as every week or two).

Proposed Chair:  Mark Leitch
Vice-Chair: Sylvia Webb
Editor: Peter Borressen

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