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Subject: tax requirements


I just want to record, having created some new
BBIEs in the TaxCategory to satisfy the Tax
XML TC additions, that I think we need further
feedback from Tax XML TC about the following:

The request was for both Rate (for which we
already have TaxCategory.Percent) and a
combination of TierRange and TierRate.

Questions are: 1) given that there is already the
TaxCategory.ID to identify (perhaps with a
tax rate code, say) the tax rate which we have
as TaxCategory.Percent, wouldn't the same
TaxCategory.ID identify the TierRange?
 2) wouldn't the TaxCategory.Percent then
also cover the requirements for TierRate?

In short: Do we need separate entities for
Tiered taxes and taxes merely defined as a
combination of an identifier or code (which
could denote a 'tier range') and a rate (or

I think we should try to not allow multiple
ways to present data and so I hope we can
avoid having both ID/Percent and
TierRange/Percent and just keep ID/Percent
which would cover both cases. Otherwise
how would implementers know not to use
the TierRange/Percent unless they need to
and to use ID/Percent instead. It seems to me
to make things too dependant on separate user

I do take the point that we may have cases
where both ID/Percent and TierRange/Percent
are needed to identify the same tax category
but the way to do that would be to have
something like


or some other name for this intermediate
'TaxIdentification' container
- if it is just the requirement that there be
a means to specify two or more sets of
criteria to identify a tax rate.

The definition of the multiple occurance
TaxIdentification container could explain
that there may be more than one set of
criteria to define a TaxCategory for a
particular TaxSubTotal.

All the best


----- Original Message ----- 
From: Stephen Green
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 8:41 AM
Subject: [ubl] Plenary day 3: model and additions spreadsheets

Please find attached edited spreadsheets
from yesterday. I've added too an initial
version of what used to be called the
specialized datatypes spreadsheet but which
we can now call the qualified datatypes
after an NDR decision to align with the name
used by ATG2.

The updated 'additions' spreadsheet is also
updated and included - now more as a change
log than as a task list.

We hope today to progress with the assembly
of the new documents, having agreed almost all
of the BIE changes.

All the best


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